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Outsourced IT Support & Services

BookMyEngineer offers the best-outsourced information technology support & services solutions for your business that will reduce your IT cost.

Outsourcing your information technology services to a professional company like BookMyEngineer, can give you access to the most expert IT technicians in the market.

Not just that, it can help you in reducing your in-house IT department cost.

Save Your Resources

There are a lot of resources associated with new hires, we can save all the hassle for you by offering you the best in town outsourced IT services & support.

BookMyEngineer provides complete solutions for your small business information technology needs, that can be outsourced. BookMyEngineer will help your business to focus on your clients while we’ll take care of your technological side.

Below are a few of our support services you might consider outsourcing to BookMyEngineer.

Outsource your information technology solutions to Professionals, Take your business to New Heights

An average Indian household today uses at least 15 to 20 electrical appliances and electronic devices of varying age and brands which demand proper installation, calibration, proper accessories and continuous tuning to give optimum performance on a sustained basis for a minimum period of 8 to 10 years.

With high paced advancement of technology, electrical products and appliances face quick obsolescence making the owners search for spare parts for months without any gain, at times

Warranty / Post Warranty

We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs and maintenance of Consumer Electronics, White goods, Small Domestics Appliances, etc in accordance with the standards and procedures set by manufacturers. Repair or replacement will be carried out through the Company’s Service Centres or it’s Authorised Service Centres.

Extended Warranty

With each day we see a range of new appliances and electronic devices in the market with interesting features that make our life easy and exciting.

However once the manufacturer’s warranty is over usually after 1 year, finding a reliable, professional and expert service provider at a reasonable cost can prove frustrating. The frustration also builds on account of the fact that the appliances service experts cannot fix your computing devices and the electronics experts cannot help you with your small appliances. Also an unknown “expert” can not only put your equipment at risk by switching parts / use of duplicate parts or inadequate diagnostic skills but can also overcharge you for parts and repairs. Constantly advancing technologies require professional and expert care for continued good performance and hence ensure peace of mind for you during its usage over its intended lifetime.

Extended Warranty Cover

The BME Home Appliance Care Plan Cover kicks in as soon as your manufacturer’s warranty expires to ensure a seamless comprehensive cover for your products against any breakdown. This is designed to ensure complete peace of mind while you go about enjoying the uninterrupted use Your units are in safe hands with BME products.


Electronic devices no doubt make our life easy and convenient. But their unexpected breakdown cannot be ruled out.

It is hence important to have a regular periodic care and check up to ensure smooth functioning of your trust your electronic devices and appliances.

BookMyEngineer AMC gets you One full year coverage – service – for your covered home electronic/appliance; Preventive maintenance visit during the year; Unlimited breakdown coverage – at home or on phone.

Why AMC with BookMyEngineer?

The answer is BookMyEngineer gives the best benefits out of AMC coverage that prevents your expensive electrical and electronic devices from temporary or permanent breakdowns.

As is said ‘ prevention is better than cure’ , with due periodic maintenance, these devices can be protected and the high costs of repair avoided, allowing you peace of mind with regards to their usage.

Benefits of AMC with BookMyEngineer

  • A one-time fee for year-long assurance with your everyday devices like Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air-conditioners, kitchen appliances and many more.
  • Flexibility to design your own protection service plan.
  • Also relocation support when you move to a different place/city.
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • We use only genuine and branded spares.
  • We stand behind our work and offer a 30-day service guarantee on all workmanship
  • Preventive maintenance visit during the year
  • Unlimited breakdown coverage – at home or on phone

Convenience factor during sign up and requesting service

  • Flexibility to either choose one of our recommended plans or design your own protection plan and include as many devices in your household to ensure complete peace of mind
  • Sign up from the convenience of your home, through our technician, through phone or even online
  • Call anytime for help with your devices or any related advise

Genune Spare Parts

Many people believe in saving a few rupees by buying/using duplicate parts which are “as good as the original”. It is always advisable to use Genuine and Branded Spare parts which have been tested for reliability. This will allow you to enjoy optimum product performance and will not compromise other critical parts of the product.

Cost of a repeat failure is usually more than the saving from a duplicate part.

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